GILDRON Health Tech. offers liquid biopsy which is a unique, patented methodology to isolate cancer material that is shed into the bloodstream, such as circulating tumor cells, (CTCs) and cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Using our testing service doctors can be better informed about the actionable molecular information associated with a patient’s cancer. Because we use a simple blood sample, this molecular information can be obtained non-invasively and more rapidly than a tissue biopsy. Additionally, our liquid biopsy tests offer a solution when a tissue biopsy is insufficient or not possible. Using our proprietary liquid biopsy testing service, physicians can obtain information they need to develop a personalized cancer treatment plan for their patients from a simple blood test. 

Liquid biopsy testing service includes proprietary enrichment methods, resulting in test sensitivity and specificity that are among the highest in the industry. With a high performance liquid biopsy test, a convenient and non-invasive solution for cancer patients that can provide real-time answers to physicians about the molecular drivers of a patient’s disease.


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